Setting up VPN on Synology NAS

In this video we set up a VPN server on our Synology NAS. It allows us to connect to our network through a service called OpenVPN. This allows you to access any network resources and even remote into computers if needed. This is a great and secure way to work remotely!

Portainer Install on Docker (2020)

Hi Everyone! In this video we go over installing Portainer on our docker server. Portainer simplifies container management in Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes, ACI and Edge environments. It’s used by software engineers to speed up software deployments, troubleshoot problems and simplify migrations.

Nvidia Shield TV (2019) Unboxing

Hi everyone! In this video we do a quick unboxing of the Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 version and then do a brief comparison with the original 2015 version.

Who does picture in picture best?

Here we take a look at the Top 5 web browsers and how they handle picture in picture. They all do well in YouTube but only one excels in most other sites.