Set up TeamViewer on Synology!

Hey everyone!

In this video I walk us through setting up the TeamViewer application on our Synology NAS and adding it to our account. Please let me know if you have any questions below.

Move Bookmarks to Firefox

Here we take a quick look at moving bookmarks from chrome to Firefox. This method also works for moving bookmarks from Safari to Firefox.

Setting Up Plex on Synology! (2020)

In this video we go over setting up Plex Media Server on a Synology NAS. The NAS I am using is a DS415+. Be aware that transcoding will depend on the processor of your Synology and the new NAS units should have better results.

Synology Video Station Quick Look

In this video we install Video Station on our Synology NAS. Please note that your streaming depends on the hardware you are using. The newer Synology Devices are getting better at transcoding and streaming, but please keep that in mind when using.

Change iPhone Backup Directory Windows 10

In this video I got over changing the backup location for your device. When backing up your device in iTunes it will save it to your hard drive. The only way to change this is by creating a symlink to another location. In this video we change the location to a USB drive.

VNC on Ubuntu Server

Here I cover the easiest way to setup VNC server on Ubunu for remote access. Thanks For Watching. Commands below….