How to run 32-bit apps in macOS Catalina

Run 32-Bit Apps macOS Catalina

Run 32-bit apps in macOS Catalina

Link to Download the VMDK — — (IMPORTANT: when downloading from google drive using a web browser it will break up the file into multiple smaller files… watch the video accompanied by the download link to get it correctly) NOTE: The user account has already been created and the credentials are below. Username: 32bit Password: 32bit

VERY IMPORTANT: If “Add to My Drive” is NOT appearing and all you see when you right click in Google Drive is “Add shortcut” then click the file and “SHIFT Z” and then “Add to Drive” will appear. Make a copy of the file then delete the original file. If the file is a .rar file, this is a zip file. Unzip before proceeding with finding and using the High Sierra .vmdk file in the Virtual Machine. Took me FOREVER to figure this out! Sheeesh! (Shared in comment by the YouTube Viewer “The Gertie Birdie Chronicles”)

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